About Club Reika

Guided by a trail of light, where delicate blossoms of exquisite beauty unfold,
a tender passion concealed within…
The dignified presence stands majestic and splendid…
The elevation you seek—find it at Reika, where every
moment transcends the ordinary.

Thank you for visiting the homepage of Shibuya’s premier escort service,
Club Reika. Our establishment is home to an array of women who are the epitome of elegance,
intelligence, and allure.
Our ladies, well-versed in the art of hospitality,
are committed to providing you with a superior level of service. Rest assured,
our exclusive cast not only possesses exceptional looks and style but also the finest qualities.
Indulge in the luxurious offerings of our service and savor the charm of Club Reika to your heart’s content.
Women of special status, including models, actresses, and flight attendants,
brimming with allure, will envelop you in comfort, easing the fatigue of daily life. We at Club Reika,
a high-end escort club in Shibuya,
pledge to provide service and quality worthy of our name.
Despite the growing number of upscale venues in the Shibuya, Ebisu, and Shinjuku areas,
our club confidently offers a level of service that
surpasses the rest. For those who appreciate the genuine article,
we invite you to experience the true value of Club Reika’s service firsthand.
We eagerly await your inquiries and look forward to serving you with the utmost dedication.

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Important Considerations

Our club has been dedicated to dispatching uncompromising
high-class beauties for our affluent members throughout Tokyo.
In the heart of the world’s largest entertainment district,
we strive to make your Tokyo memories one of the pinnacle experiences of your life.
Please take a moment to read the important points below.
Should you have any requests or questions,
do not hesitate to reach out to us.

  1. Club Reika carefully selects and dispatches women of high status as Japanese beauties. Our female cast members are not recognized as so-called “sex workers.
    We have proposed the best meeting beyond sexual satisfaction.
    We do not allow rough play or any other behavior that women do not like.
  2.  We understand the natural desire to see the ladies’ faces before making a reservation.
    However, our female cast are regular individuals with day-time engagements and are not professional in this occupation. They greatly fear being recognized,
    which is why we cannot disclose their faces in advance.
    We ask for your understanding and appreciate your discretion.
  3.  We must respectfully inform you that once a reservation is confirmed, any changes or cancellations upon meeting the lady are strictly prohibited.
  4.  We recognize that not being able to see the lady’s face in advance,
    coupled with our no-cancellation policy upon meeting, might cause some apprehension. We empathize with these concerns.
    However, this is a unique characteristic chosen by Club Reika to ensure an assembly of unparalleled beauties. We have garnered the
    patronage of many affluent members and have established a top-tier reputation in Shibuya.
    We hope the proven track record of our club
    will offer you peace of mind.

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    feel free to consult with us about matching at any time.